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Photo by Chris Hurtt

Duveneck, one of twelve elementary schools in Palo Alto, is a strongly supported neighborhood school serving families who value education. The school enrollment of about 480 is approximately 30% minority (Asian, African-American, and Hispanic) and 70% Caucasian.

The staff and parents of Duveneck School are committed to providing a balanced learning experience for all of our students. That balance includes a focus on:

  • academic growth through instruction in the core concepts, knowledge and skills of the curricula
  • intellectual growth by developing students’ abilities to think, apply, and communicate
  • social and personal growth by fostering productive personal attributes and interpersonal skills
  • To reach these aims, we seek to build a climate of openness and inclusion – to make Duveneck School an inviting place to be and an inspiring place to learn.

Students engage in several schoolwide programs designed to build a sense of belonging and community. All students learn conflict resolution skills to strengthen their interpersonal relations. Every class is matched to an older or younger class in our “Buddies” program so that children develop both friendship and mentoring skills. The Duveneck Book Club builds character and community through literature as all teachers and students read and discuss books that reflect specific personal and interpersonal lifeskills.

At Duveneck, we are also committed to building a community of learners among teachers. Teachers at the same grade level work closely together to design students’ learning experiences. The faculty as a whole engages in dialogue about best practices and learns with and from each other.

Duveneck School benefits from its partnership with the parents and community. The Duveneck PTA, School Site Council and staff members work together to support and enrich the school life of the students. In addition, parents donate thousands of volunteer hours in classrooms and for special events.